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“In January ’65 I met Edith Minturn Sedgwick. She’d just come to New York that summer. She’d been in a car accident and her right arm was in a cast”. Young Edie decided to leave university for the Factory the minute she met Andy Warhol. That’s how she became part of a unique environment that inspired her to develop a unique style: tights, an old t-shirt, boyish short hair, big earrings and her signature trademark – a white mink coat. That outrageous look made her famous to our days; we still love Edie because she was different to everyone else, because she deliberately ignored the fashion codes of her time to stay faithful to herself. A true anti-fashion icon.


Blogger esraucar* said...

Andy Warhol: I wonder if people are going to remember us?
Edie Sedgwick: What, when we're dead?
Andy Warhol: Yeah.
Edie Sedgwick: Well I think people will talk about how you changed the world.
Andy Warhol: I wonder what they'll say about you... in your obituary. I like that word.
...Edie Sedgwick: Nothing nice, I don't think.
Andy Warhol: No no, come on. They'd say, "Edith Minturn Sedgwick: beautiful artist and actress...
Edie Sedgwick: ...and all around loon.
Andy Warhol: ...Remembered for setting the world on fire...
Edie Sedgwick: ...and escaping the clutches of her terrifying family...
Andy Warhol: ...Made friends with eeeeverybody, and anybody...
Edie Sedgwick: ...creating chaos and uproar wherever she went. Divorced as many times as she married, she leaves only good wishes behind.

28 November 2010 at 20:44  
Blogger Lorna said...

I love Edie, she is such an inspiration and a timeless beauty! I have a blog page dedicated to Edie Sedgwick if you are interested in reading about her :)

~ Lorna

23 April 2011 at 21:44  

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