Friday, 1 May 2009


How was the life of a supermodel in the sixties? In this film, William Klein unveils, with a crazy surrealist-inspired aesthetic, many a secret about the fashion world. It's the story of Polly, an american model living her (short) moment of glory in Paris. A team of french TV producers follow her around all day long, trying to understand the fastly evolving fashion system from Haute Couture to mass market for twig-looking teenagers, from fashion Divas (the character of the fashion editor was largely based on Diana Vreeland and earned Klein a lot of dislike in certain fashion circles) to modelstruck princes. What does a supermodel want? What does a supermodel care about? Polly is predictable and surpising at the same time. She has pretty much the dreams and problems of every girl, except she's being "manipulated" in a most particular way. And, at last, everything ends just as fast as it had begun. Those of you who have not seen it need to do it. It's definitely a "perle rare" of the sixties cinema.


Blogger Ariella said...

Oooh, so beautiful. I am forever inspired by pictures from 60s movies.

2 May 2009 at 22:30  
Blogger Mlle Quincampoix said...

je suis une fan absolue de ce film :)

3 May 2009 at 23:04  
Blogger lepetitmoutonaimelamode said...

Moi aussi. J'adore ce film !!!!
Tiens ça me donne envie de le revoir...

3 May 2009 at 23:51  
Blogger Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

I love this movie!
Am a big William Klein fan.

4 May 2009 at 12:53  
Blogger dandy gum said...

yes it is..

god i hate manipulators.they're everywhere

5 May 2009 at 14:32  
Blogger kelse said...

the eye makeup is amazing in these x

6 May 2009 at 03:23  
Blogger Iole said...

hi, thanks for stopping by. Love Love love all the pics you posted.

6 May 2009 at 16:45  
Blogger grace said...

i love this!!! william klein is super talented. im so glad to be reminded of how much i love this film!

6 May 2009 at 22:11  
Blogger A La Mode said...

Oh wow, the stills from this movie are so inspiring!

7 May 2009 at 09:27  
Blogger zoë said...

i lovelove these photos .


7 May 2009 at 21:15  
Blogger frances said...

these images- super cool! x

9 May 2009 at 23:35  
Blogger xs said...

i want to see it!

12 May 2009 at 07:41  
Blogger Flavor said...

We love this movie ! It inspired us for an edit in our new issue.

12 May 2009 at 11:49  
Blogger Kay said...

I have to see this!
Love the second picture as well

12 May 2009 at 22:34  
Blogger Marian said...

sounds like a great film, love the images. intrigued with all things sixties and seventies.
muah x

13 May 2009 at 15:17  
Blogger agathe philbé said...

KLEIN = PARIS PARIS PARIS PARIS!! photography's bad boy :-)

17 May 2009 at 13:11  
Blogger LMP said...

Ou est ce que tu l'a trouvé ???
Impossible de mettre la main dessus !

19 November 2009 at 20:29  
Blogger Barbora said...

Those pictures are simply amazing!Give me goosebumps:))

Love your blog!

Come to visit mine:
"Fashionbaly Tasteful.Have a Bite!"

27 November 2009 at 02:52  
Blogger Cheryl Lynn said...

This is a wonderful post. I, too, am enamored with 60's fashion and style, particularly 60,'s London.

I like your blog a lot, the photos are fabulous! I love the black and white pics, the hair, the makeup, the whole works!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Please come again and I will do the same.

30 November 2009 at 16:39  
Blogger chauss said...

thanks for stoppping by my blog.
come visis anytime. :)

3 December 2009 at 06:16  
Blogger Luna Supernova said...

ah i've been meaning to see this for ages! must do so.

21 December 2009 at 13:07  
Blogger lulila said...

Qué bonito el blog me encanta!

26 December 2009 at 22:44  
Blogger Initials.CC said...

ce film est complètement fou!!



5 February 2010 at 19:57  
Blogger Initials.CC said...

Waaaa!!! j'ai adorééé Polly Maggoo !!! film génial !!



5 February 2010 at 22:49  
Blogger Josie said...

amazing pictures and great blog :)

10 February 2010 at 21:03  
Blogger Rose said...

gorgeous! i love these :)

10 February 2010 at 22:05  
Blogger Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

Seriously LOVE this! Such gorgeous, inspiring images



19 February 2010 at 18:51  
Blogger Carla said...

Can´t believe this great blog! I´ve just called Polly Magoo to my latest design (La Carola purses)

5 March 2010 at 20:53  
Blogger Withnie Fitzgerarld said...

J'aime ! J'aime !

18 March 2010 at 23:10  
Blogger raquel raney said...

love it!

28 April 2010 at 19:53  

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