Thursday, 20 November 2008


“In January ’65 I met Edith Minturn Sedgwick. She’d just come to New York that summer. She’d been in a car accident and her right arm was in a cast”. Young Edie decided to leave university for the Factory the minute she met Andy Warhol. That’s how she became part of a unique environment that inspired her to develop a unique style: tights, an old t-shirt, boyish short hair, big earrings and her signature trademark – a white mink coat. That outrageous look made her famous to our days; we still love Edie because she was different to everyone else, because she deliberately ignored the fashion codes of her time to stay faithful to herself. A true anti-fashion icon.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


This is one of the photo shoots That are featured in the second issue of Artificial magazine. Inspired by Tom Waits’s feminine characters, our black market baby is a fascinating and mysterious yet somewhat bizarre young temptress. The pictures were shot by Japanese- Parisian photographer Yoshimi Lee and styled by Italian fashion genius Vanni Cacocciola and myself. The name of our beautiful model must remain in the utmost secrecy, but what we can say is that she is the ultimate Parisian.

While the new issue of the magazine is not yet out, you can have a glimpse of it here. Enjoy!

Saturday, 8 November 2008


We’ve been fans of Hedi Slimane ever since he was working with Alber Elbaz for Yves Saint Laurent and all over his Dior Homme years. But now that he has moved on and changed fashion for photography we are simply crazy about him.
His portraits of young, androgynous, skinny, rockin’ boys and girls represent a world where the most important things are music and enjoying every living moment. Slimane has a very aesthetic but nonetheless poignant point of view on youth and popular culture: his work, (very graphic and always in black and white) is not meant to impress us or make a statement, but to capture the teen spirit. And that’s what Slimane does best: his photographs express all youth obsessions, yet they never fail to transmit a certain sense of innocence, that of “children playing with cigars”.
Here are some of our favourite shots from the Diary. The first two ones are of Ed, our favourite male model at Artificial Magazine!